Dr Tay Kai Hong

Senior Consultant

to provide holistic, personalised and personal care to my patients, to help them achieve their full potential in life.

Dr Tay Kai Hong is Medical Director and Founder of Private Space Medical. A psychiatrist with more than 12 years of clinical experience, he looked after patients with depression, anxiety, ADHD and a wide range of other psychological conditions when he was in public service. He established brain stimulation facilities in a general hospital to treat patients with severe mood disorders. He is also an expert in sleep disorders and spearheaded the development of sleep medicine services for Psychiatry. He has authored treatment guidelines and published research on insomnia.

As Director of Mental Resilience and member of the SingHealth Mental Wellness Steering committee, Dr Tay developed programs to build resilience and prevent burnout in healthcare professionals. He gave regular mental health talks to new doctors, nurses, grassroots leaders and the public.

As Site Director for the National Psychiatry Residency Program, Dr Tay oversaw specialist training of doctors training to be psychiatrists and sat on the selection committee to interview candidates applying to the specialist program. He has taught and mentored many batches of psychiatry residents, guiding them in their medical training and exams. As Clinical Asst. Professor at Duke-NUS Medical School, Dr Tay is a passionate educator and received excellent feedback for his teaching. He was awarded teaching awards by NUS and NHG.

Dr Tay strives to go the extra mile for every patient. His kind and caring demeanour won over many of his patients. Their feedback and nominations led to him clinching the Star Award for the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards, and Gold Award in the hospital’s clinical service and patient experience awards ceremony.

Dr Tay hopes to combine the best practices from years of experience to deliver holistic and personalized care, grounded in scientific evidence and delivered in a patient-centric manner. Skilled in the use of medications and psychological therapy, Dr Tay believes in respecting the patient’s choice when it comes to treatment.

Dr Tay’s clinical interests include youth mental health, sleep disorders, mood/anxiety disorders and developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism and intellectual disability. He has published research on insomnia, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, neuro-stimulation, and presented his research at both local and international conferences.

During his National Service, Dr Tay was in-charge of the Psychological Medicine Inpatient Centre, a specialized unit of the SAF Psychological Care Centre. He assessed, managed and determined the PES status of National Servicemen who experienced stress, anxiety and depression.

As Founder of Private Space Medical, Dr Tay hopes to bring his vision of healthcare “Positive Change, Purposeful Lives” to fruition, by delivering high-quality, scientific, holistic and personalised care to every patient he sees.