Rest, Don't just sleep on it

Physical and mental rest is essential, but people also need
psychological rest and a break from stressors to be

15 December 2021 / The Straits Times



盛港综合医院成为本地首家聘有全职朋辈支援专家的综 合医院。该医院的心理医学部门主任郭家富顾问医生 说,朋辈支援专家可以成为医生与病人之间的桥梁,因 为他们也曾是患者,病人会更信任他们。

16 September 2019 / Zao Bao News




31 March 2019 / Channel 8 News, Mediacorp






5 June 2018 / Zao Bao News


Panic disorders: What do you
know about them?

We’ve got an expert to spread awareness and explain one of
the most common mental health issues in Singapore today.

22 February 2017 / Marie France Asia, Singapore


Overeating versus uncontrollable

Overeating does not mean you’re suffering from binge eating disorder. The main difference between the two is whether or not there is a loss of control, said Dr Victor Kwok, head and consultant at Sengkang Health’s Department of Psychiatry.

24 April 2017 / TNP, Singapore


Panic attack or heart attack?

Symptoms are quite alike, but a panic attack makes you feel
like you are going out of control

21 February 2017 / The Straits Times


Not hungry, but can't stop gobbling

Those with binge-eating disorder cannot control their food intake

31 January 2017 / The Straits Times


Family bonds, whether weak or
strong, keep people happy

Yet another Chinese New Year with family, yet more joyful
memories to be created. But there are some who hate this time
of the year.

24 January 2017 / The Straits Times


Is Healthy Eating Making You

Did you know that your obsession with eating clean could actually be a dangerous eating disorder called orthorexia?

29 December 2016 / Her World


Is The Holiday Season Tough For

Not everyone has a happy festive season. If you’re going through
financial or mental health issues, here are some tips
on how to get through the holidays unscathed

22 December 2016 / Her World


We Can't Even

Do the words “don’t worry” feel impossible? You’re not alone. Dealing with the demands of everyday life has left millennials more confused, overwhelmed and stressed out than any other generation.

November 2016 / Cleo Magazine


Food Swingers

Between #eatclean and #foodgasm, #carbfree and #fatdieme, it’s time that we come clean with ourselves – does anyone know what to eat anymore?
August 2016 / Cleo Magazine


半夜醒来 很难再入睡!

30 June 2015 / U Weekly SG


Bowel trouble could be all in the mind

Experts are linking irritable bowel syndrome with psychological disorders but needing help for mental issues is often perceived as a stigma by patients

25 April 2013 / The Straits Times


Mental Health Tips for Social Media Use

Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head of Department of Psychiatry at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), shares tips for healthy social media use.

HealthXchange, SingHealth


Anxiety and Depression: When to Seek Help

Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Psychiatry, and Ms Evangeline Tan, Senior Principal Psychologist and Head, Department of Psychology, both from Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) offer insights.

HealthXchange, SingHealth


Managing Anxiety and
Depression: Positivity is Key

​Dr Victor Kwok, Senior Consultant and Head, Dr Tan Shian Ming, Senior Consultant, and Dr Seow Su Yin, Associate Consultant, all from the Department of Psychiatry at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH), share more.

HealthXchange, SingHealth